3 Ways To Add Personality To Your Wedding Invitations

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

To some, a wedding invitation is just another piece of paper. But most couples would agree that their wedding invitation suite can be another way to tell their love story! We all know first impressions can be important, and wedding invitations can truly set the stage for your special day. Here are some great ways to make your guests swoon as soon as they open your invite!

1) Custom Watercolor Crest

Family crests date back to the Medieval times and were used to tell the story of a family's heritage. It resembled the pride of the family name and was passed down for generations. We are seeing these crests make a come-back, but with more of a modern twist. I absolutely LOVE them!

Many couples are choosing to have custom crests created with watercolor florals and/ or calligraphy monogram. You can also add special symbols or items of meaning from their relationship to truly add those personal details. They often will include their wedding date or a short quote at the bottom of the crest. These crests can be used to achieve a cohesive look on your wedding day, from invitation design, wedding favors, programs, table numbers, and more!

2) Venue Illustration

A wedding venue can have a significant meaning for a couple. Maybe it's the church the bride's parents got married in. Maybe it's where the couple shared their first date. Maybe it's the groom's grandparent’s farm. Why not include this special location in your wedding invitations to show it's significance?! Custom venue illustrations can also be used as unique guest book alternatives!

Photo Credit: White Wedding Photography

3) City/ Venue Map

Including a city or venue map in your wedding invitation suite can not only help your directionly-challenged guests, it can be a fun way for you to show them your favorite spots around town. Along with including venue and ceremony locations, many couples choose to include "our first date' or "where he popped the question" location markers on map illustrations as well! A unique map created just for your invitation suite will be a piece of art as timeless as your love story!

Custom artwork can truly help bring your love story to life! As a HMC Bride, you will receive all the original painted artworks included in your wedding suite! All suites also include your choice of a custom crest or venue illustration! Interesting in becoming a HMC Bride? Get your custom quote here!





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