4 crazy meaningful ways watercolor crests can add ultimate flair to your wedding invitations

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Think about this for a sec: what if your marriage could leave an incredible impact on the world?

On your friends?

Your family?

Your children?

Their children?

The ripple effect can go on forever.

Well, your marriage in fact can and will have an impact on those around you!

Which is why I am all about encouraging newly-engaged couples to remember the importance of preparing for their marriage, not just for their wedding day.

Showcasing the legacy of a marriage and family was ultimately the purpose for family crests, or coat of arms, back in the Medieval era. The symbols depicted on the crests told the story of that family's lineage and heritage.

This is why I love that wedding crests are starting to make a comeback!

Your wedding crest can be a representation of the legacy you want your marriage to leave on this world!

Here are 5 ways your wedding crest can that meaningful flair to your wedding invitations!

1) Symbolic florals

Many brides may not give much thought to what their wedding day flowers represent, but this can give your wedding decor a whole new meaning. A pink rose, for example, can represent gratitude and appreciation for your spouse. Lavender can represent grace and calmness. Blue thistle can represent courage and loyalty in your marriage.

The florals could also be representative of a respected family member, like maybe you always remember your sweet, selfless grandmother always tending to her peony garden growing up. So you include peonies in your crest so you remember to always be gracious and humble like her. Including meaningful florals in your wedding crest can be an amazing way to represent your family's legacy.

2) Family Initials

A last name is definitely one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about heritage or family history. After all, a last name is something that will always be carried on from marriage to marriage. Whether you are choosing simplicity with a single initial or want to add the initials of your first names, the initials are the ultimate representation of the family that crest belongs to.

3) Family Motto or Quote

This is probably my favorite part of a family crest! Do you have a favorite bible verse or saying you want to be the center of your family values? This is where that can be represented, on display for everyone to see and for your family to always remember.

The Bible verse shown above, Philippians 4:6, states "Don't worry about anything, instead, pray about everything." The couple wanted this constant reminder for them and their future children to pray always and never worry because God will always take care of them. So cool, right?!

4) Illustrated Symbols

While florals are usually the main artistic element of a wedding crest, it doesn't have to stop there! Adding in small symbols that represent your love story can add HUGE sentimental impact. This bride and groom were getting married at her parent's vineyard, a business which had been in the family for centuries. So they loved the idea of adding grapes to their crest and wedding suite to represent their legacy as wine makers! So dang sweet!

These custom crests (which every HMC bride gets in their wedding invitation design) can also be used throughout your wedding day, on cups, napkins, favor tags, programs, menus, and more! You can even get your crest printed on home decor (like pillows or throw blankets) to help be a constant reminder of the legacy your marriage will have!

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