5 Essential Self-Care Tips While Wedding Planning

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

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Your engagement is a wonderful, exciting time, but it can also be quite a hectic one.

During our 18-month engagement, I was planning our wedding that was being held in our hometown 2 hours away, working the 9-5, cranking out calligraphy orders, trying to maintain a social life, holding 3-4 workshops events every month, and still trying to work in date nights with my fiancé.

So trust me, girlfriend! I get it!

Amongst all the chaos, it's easy to let our health fall by the waist side. And by health, I mean mental, physical, spiritual, and financial (yes, the term "health" IS multi-dementional, not just your dress size.)

Neglecting any of these area could result in making this amazingly blissful time anything BUT stellar...

And by self care, I don't necessarily mean #treatyoself by splurging on fancy massages or facials every week.

Here are 5 practical tips to keep your health in tip-top shape during your engagement.

1) Drink Water

We've all seen those cute "How I Tell Time" signs with coffee mugs hooks for "A.M." and wine glass hooks for "P.M." The dietitian in me cringes at these because they just screams "DEHYDRATION!"

But this was often a reality during wedding planning! Guzzling the coffee to stay on task, then poppin' them bottles with all the wedding showers, parties, and festivities.

But girl, it is SO important to be drinking that H20 to help battle fatigue, excessive hunger, and headaches. Not to mention hydration is essential for glowing skin, which will definitely be appreciated in all those photos! This water bottle is perfect to help you stay on track all day long!

2) Take Time To Breathe

If you're anything like me, your brain is constantly going a million miles a minute thinking of all the things you need to check off your to-do list. I actually catch myself holding my breath at time throughout the day (especially when the stress is on.)

Forcing yourself to take intentional, deep breaths does wonders for your anxiety. I highly recommend working some sort of meditative practice into your daily life, especially while wedding planning. I also find lighting a relaxing candle can help tremendously (this one I'm obsessed with!)

Yoga can be great for this! Or even mediation apps like Calm or Headspace. It doesn't have to be long or intense, just 5-10 minutes can help clear your mind recharge and refocus.

3) Simplify Where You Can

Wedding planning involves a LOT of decision making and to-do lists! So don't be afraid to ask for help or delegate when you need!

Staying organized can certainly help with this as well, so don't be afraid to invest in a solid organizing binders! I would highly recommend hiring a professional wedding planner if you can (one of my biggest regrets!)

4) Maintain a Balanced Diet

Fueling you're body properly is so, so important, especially during times like this! Maybe you are already trying to be more mindful of what you eat to help shed a few pounds or even just to be in tip-top shape for the big day. Please skip the cleanses, detox, and what-have-you.

Remember that a healthful diet includes protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrates (YES, CARBS!) Stick to dividing your meal like so: 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 protein, and 1/4 carbs/ grains. Try not to drink your calories and be sure to eat about 25 grams of fiber a day.

For more on this topic, go check out this article from my girl McKel Kooienga, MS, RND, LDN over at Nutrition Stripped. And if you need a great lunch box to help you with portion control, you can't go wrong with a bento box!

5) Move That Body

Physical activity is not only important for our physical health, but also our mental well-being! Exercise helps boost our energy, improve your mood, reduce stress/ anxiety, and increase your self-esteem.

Whether you are pumping iron for 60 minutes or going for a 10 minute walk around the block, find some way to get moving! (Shameless plug: yoga checks off this and number 2!) If you're looking to up your yoga/ pilates game, you should def check out this pilates resistance bar to get seriously toned!

How are you showing yourself some love while wedding planning?! Email me to let me know so I can help cheer you on!


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