5 Small Details That Add Big WOW! Factor To Your Wedding Invitations

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Many brides overlook the importance of wedding invitations. They are the first thing your guests will see, and they can truly help set the tone for your event! By adding small bursts of your personality to your suite, your invitations are sure to stand out from crowd! Here are 5 small ways to up your invite game!

1) Wax Seals

So classic and chic, wax seals are definitely a simple way to elevate you invitations! Slap a wax seal on your invitation itself, or as the envelope enclosure. You can find a wax seal with a floral design, and symbol that represents your theme, or with a personalized crest! Whatever you choose, your guests are sure to notice!

2) Silk or Velvet Ribbon

When it comes to unique wedding invitations, I am ALL for adding varieties of texture! Using hand-dyed silk or velvet ribbon to tie together your suite can instantly up level your whole design (especially when EVERYONE is using a belly band...)

3) Vellum

Vellum can give your invitations such a chic and minimalist look! From overlays, to invitation wraps, to even envelopes themselves, incorporating a vellum element into your suite can add unique dimension while not overpowering your overall design.

4) Calligraphy

Want your guests to feel instant excitement the moment that invitation lands in their hand? Calligraphy addressed envelopes! I mean, com'mon, when was the last time they got a letter in the mail that was addressed to them with calligraphy? Likely never.. So it's about time they did!

5) Invitation Paper

The feel of paper, well, gives me all the feels! Most invitations are printed on 120 lb paper (this refers to the thickness of the paper.) To stand out from the rest, choose to print on thicker (240 lb) paper or choose linen or handmade paper.

Let your wedding invitation set a first impression your guests aren't soon to forget! Need more ways to add your personality to your suite? Check out this post!





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