Custom vs semi custom wedding invitations: What's the difference and which should you choose?

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I'm sure between all your Pinterest and Google searches, you've probably come across "custom wedding invitations" and thought,

"What the heck does "custom invitations" mean? If I order through Minted, I can personalize my text, color, and font. Isn't that custom?"   Well, to put it simply, no

Here, let me explain..

Custom Invitaitons

When I say "custom invitations," I mean the entire invitation design is created from scratch to match your unique wedding vision. But it doesn't just stop there! 

I take it a step further by creating the design with a calligraphy pen, watercolor brush, and my own two hands, rather than using boring, generic clip art  and overused fonts (check out the process over on my instagram stories!) So! When you hear "custom", think personal, one-of-a-kind design that truly captures your unique relationship!

Custom invitation take about 4-5 months to design and couples typically invest $2500 - $3000 on these unique, keepsake invitations. 

Semi-Custom Invitations

You may have also came across semi-custom wedding invitation in your search and wondering how these are different from custom. With semi-custom, the design is already done, we just add or tweak a few things to reflect those personal details and capture your wedding vision. These personal touches can include customizing your monogram, your ink color, spot calligraphy lyrics of your first dance, or a custom venue drawing of your family's little white church 

And this process only takes 1-2 months and most couples typically invest $800 - $1200 for these keepsake invitations.  So basically, semi-custom means you still get the personal invitations you want without blowing your budget!!  Save Time. Save Money. Still get jaw-dropping, unique wedding invitations!

To Sum It All Up!

So, if you want one-of-a-kind, meaningful invitations that truly capture your vision, custom invitations are exactly what you need!

And if you want invitations with those personal touches that don't blow your budget, semi-custom is the way to go!

There! Hope that helps friend!





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