How to get started learning calligraphy

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

You know the amazing benefits of learning calligraphy and all the fun projects you can do after learning the skill! So you have decided to jump into this new, creative adventure!!

But, now what?!

Here are some tips to help you get started!

ONE | Decide which type of calligraphy you want to learn.

Calligraphy comes in many different forms, from brush calligraphy to pointed pen (you can read about the differences here!) You may be wondering if it matters if you're right handed or left handed, but either can master any of these forms.

So you first need to decide which of these you want to learn so you can be sure to buy the correct supplies. Which leads us to out next step!

TWO | Invest in the right supplies

I once heard an artist say "crappy supplies will give you crappy results." Aaand I have certainly found that to be the case. When I first started with calligraphy, I didn't want to buy expensive, professional supplies (because what if I ended up completely hating it?) So I bought a cheap, $15 beginners kit.

I soon found out that those beginner supplies where actually setting me up for failure, and once I bought better, quality tools (that honestly were no more expensive than that kit) my skills improved dramatically! So while you certainly don't need to break the bank on the high-end tools, do yourself a favor and skip the "beginner" supplies. I have a whole list of the best supplies in my free beginner's guide to modern calligraphy so you don't end up wasting your money (like I did... *face palm*)

THREE | Learn the proper technique the first time

It can be tempting to try to teach yourself the basics through books and Youtube videos, but truly the best way to learn is under the guidance of a professional. I struggled for months trying to figure it out on my own and ended up just feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

I finally signed up for a workshop and having instruction from a professional finally helped everything click! But I also found out I had taught myself some bad habits and had to re-learn some of the basics... which was easier said than done!

You can skip this frustration and learn the right way the first time by either signing up for an in-person workshop or an online, virtual workshop! If you want the benefits of learning from home in your comfy pants and re-watching the lessons whenever you want, be sure to sign up for my email list to be the first to know when registration for my online calligraphy course opens again!

A word of warning, those who decide to dabble in calligraphy may find themselves completely and utterly OBSESSED with the art. Prepare to have way too much fun enjoying hours of relaxation as you practice your heart out!


PS: I love making new calligra-friends! Be sure to connect with me on instagram for more calligraphy tips and tricks!




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