3 stunning ways watercolor can add that unique touch to your wedding invitations

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

What if your wedding invitations were so incredibly breathtaking you had no choice but to hang them on your wall, like a priceless Georgia O'Keeffe painting?

Oh sure, designs that you find on Minted and Zazzle are pretty,

but you want more than pretty.

You want personal. meaningful. truly-one-of-a-kind.

So, what if your invitations featured custom artwork that was literally inspired by your love story?

That would be, well,


I was immediately drawn to watercolor painting. It is like no other medium because it relies on the light from the white paper to dance gracefully through the pigment of the paint to portray a beautiful image.

It is airy and feminine and elegant and the perfect companion to your wedding stationery.

Here are three absolutely stunning ways watercolor can unique touch to your wedding invitations.

1) Watercolor Florals

In my opinion, no wedding is complete without beautiful, breathtaking floral arrangements! Adding watercolor florals can also instantly show the vibe of the wedding day. Do you want romantic roses or peonies for your fairytale wedding? Or are eclectic, care-free pampas grass with wildflowers more your style? Either way, watercolor florals can perfectly convey this on your invites.

2) Watercolor Crest

The versatility of a wedding crest can be so amazing! When it comes to your invitations, feature your crest on the top of the invite itself or even as a fun surprise on the envelope liner. Crests are meant to symbolize the legacy of your family, and adding an elegant watercolor crest to your invitation can instantly give those regal vibes. They can also be used throughout your wedding day on napkins, cups, favor tags, or tapestry to keep a cohesive theme!

3) Watercolor Maps

It's hard to look at a map and not feel that sense of adventure, right?! My favorite part about watercolor maps is how they can show the adventure of your love story. You can feature your favorite coffee shop, where you had your first date, even where he popped the question! Watercolor maps can instantly bring back so many memories every time you look at your wedding invitations.

A custom piece of art can be an amazing way to commemorate one of the best days of your life! All HMC Brides receive all-inclusive watercolor designs with their wedding invitations, so they know their invitations will be like nothing anyone has ever seen before!

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