Your save the date ultimate must-haves (and absolute no-no's)

Now that you've picked your date and booked your venue, it's time to send out the official announcement to your guests! This is where those trusty save the dates come in!

You know you want save the dates that are unique and stand out. But what information should you include on them?! Here are the top must-have's that you definitely should include (and those you should not.)

The Must-Have's

1) The Date

Pretty self explanatory, I know. But, it's to be said that if you want them to "save the date," remember not to forget including that date!

2) Wedding City

For the save the date card, you just need to state the city and state the wedding will be held in. No need to include specific locations or addresses. This is just to let your guests know if they are going to have to travel so they can plan accordingly. If your wedding ceremony and venue are not in the same city, list the city of the ceremony.

3) Wedding Website

Now is when you will share your wedding website so you guests no they can check here to learn more about your love story and wedding day! Totally fine if it's not totally complete when you send out your save the dates. Just having the date and your "how we met" story are enough for now.

4) Hashtag

If you have a cute, catchy wedding hashtag, it's never too early to let your guests know! This way they can also start using it for all the wedding festivities (showers, bachelorette party, etc.)

The No-No's

1) Registry

Honestly, it's pretty tacky to include the gift registry on the save the date card. Save this for the invitation itself. The registry can be listed on invitations to bridal/ wedding showers as well!


The save the date is meant for one thing: to tell your guests your wedding date so they can put it on the calendar. Having people RSVP is reserved for the actual wedding invitation itself.

3) Venue Address

No need to put the exact address of your venue on the save the dates. All you need is that city your wedding will be so your guests can make travel plans if needed (as stated above.)

4) Specific Details (time, directions, etc)

Really, any type of specific details of your wedding (exact locations, ceremony times, accommodations, etc) are all included on your invitations. No need to clutter your save the dates with the details.

Not sure exactly when you need send your save the dates? No worries, I cover all that information in this blog post!





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