What to include in a wedding invitation: everything you need to know to master the basics

Wedding planning can certainly be a fun and exciting time!


I'd be lying if I said there weren't times that wedding was frustrating and overwhelming.

Especially with the invitations!

There's a lot going on with those invites, right!? So many parts and pieces.

Not to mention the wording...

So here are all the pieces you should include in your wedding invitation set (also know as the invitation suite!)

Invitation Card

This is the star of the show when it comes to your invitation set. The invitation card includes who is hosting (aka paying the wedding bills), your names, the date, and time and location of the ceremony.

Details Card

This can also be called the reception card. This card will give your guests all the information they need for the reception, like location, time, dress code, and registry. You can include information for hotel blocks here as well. If you have a lot of details to cover, you can also have separate cards for accommodation, directions, or weekend schedule.

Response Card

Also called the RSVP card, this is super important because it is how your guests will tell you they're in! This will be a small card with envelope where your guests will check "yes" or "no," then mail it back to you.

You'll also want to include meal options if you are having a plated meal, and can even include a place for your guests to request a song! In our digital age, many couples are deciding to forgo the physical card and just do online RSVP (but be sure to the pros and cons of that before you decide!)

Inner Envelope and Outer Envelope

The outer envelope is the one that will have the full address of your guests, return address, and all those beautiful stamps. The inner envelope has the guest names and, while not required, can add an elegant touch to your invitations.

The inner envelope was quite essential back in the days of the Pony Express and outer envelopes would get quite dirty and torn. This inner envelope would make sure the invitation would still arrive in perfect condition. We've come a long way with our postal service, so the inner envelope is no longer necessary.

Belly Band, Silk Ribbon, Vellum Wrap, or Gate Wrap

All of these are ways to keep all these pieces securely together. The most common option is a belly band, which is just a paper band that wraps around your cards. However, I prefer more creative, artistic options, like silk ribbon or vellum wrap!

Invitation Embellishments

None of these are necessary, but definitely add to the whole design of your invitations. One of the most common is a wax seal, which can be used on the envelope flap, the vellum wrap, or the invitation itself. Another embellishment I love (because it can elevate the entire design!) is an envelope liner.

Other embellishments include vintage stamps or calligraphy addressed envelopes. Both stunning options to show this is day is a big deal! (Because this isn't just one day, it's THE day!)


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