When To Hire Your Wedding Calligrapher

Updated: Mar 8

As a bride, you have a LOT of decisions to make! It is so easy to get lost in the the endless timelines and wedding to-do lists.

One of the most common things brides overlook? The wedding stationery!

It is easy to remember those big things (venue, the dress, cake, caterer), but the smaller details like your invitations or ceremony programs often get pushed off until last minute. This can mean having to settle for those lack-luster, boring invites that thousands of other couples have used from companies who only know you as an order number.

As a wedding calligrapher, my goal is truly get to know my couples and put their unique personalities and love story into their paper goods!

To have these items be an extension of their wedding vision, rather than just last-minute items that add no extra excitement to their big day.

And just as all good things take time, as does creating one-of-a-kind stationery! HMC brides can expect custom artwork and calligraphy with all their paper goods, and this is a process that should not be rushed.

Waiting last minute can also mean unsightly rush-fees that you wouldn't of had to worry about otherwise (not fun...)

So when should you hire your wedding calligrapher? Here's what I recommend depending on what service you are looking for!

Custom Wedding Invitations

6-8 Months Prior To Your Wedding

HMC brides get their love story brought to life in their custom invitations! This process includes capturing the couples' vision and style, creating custom hand painted art and calligraphy, 3 rounds of designs proofing, editing, printing, and shipping. To make sure couples have the best experience ever, I recommend starting this process no later than 6 months before your wedding day.

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Custom Menu Cards or Programs

3-4 Months Prior To Your Wedding

Your program and/ or menu cards are another great place to add unique, personal touches! Custom watercolor crests or venue maps are my personal favorite for these items! This also takes a good chunk of time gathering design aesthetics, proofing, and printing. While some things may not be finalized until closer to your wedding day (such as ceremony details), it is important to start the design process as soon as we can. I usually recommend no later than 3 months prior to your wedding day.

Calligraphy Envelope Addressing

3-4 Months Prior To Your Wedding

Stationers usually recommend mailing your wedding invitations no later than 8-10 weeks before your wedding day. Since calligraphers usually require 3-4 weeks to complete envelope addressing orders (depending on if it's busy season), you'll want to set this up at least 3-4 mouths out to keep to this schedule.

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Calligraphy Place/ Escort Cards

3-4 Weeks Prior To Your Wedding

Calligraphers can usually crank out place cards pretty quickly, depending on how large your guest list is and the complexity of your cards. However, during a busy wedding season a calligrapher may have 2-3 other wedding orders that month. This is why we recommend to order your place cards no later than 3 weeks before your wedding day.

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Other Day-Of Items

3-4 Weeks Prior To Your Wedding

Most day-of items (welcome mirror, table numbers, reception signs, bar menus, ect.) tend to get forgotten about until last minute. While calligraphers may make the art look easy, it really does take a good chunk of time planning and executing even the smallest jobs. So really, a good rule of thumb for any of your day-of items (other than your programs and menu card) is to contact a calligrapher a month before hand.

Interested in getting the ball rollin' on custom wedding stationery for your wedding day? Fill our my inquiry form and let's make some magic!




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