Why art is the perfect way to practice of self care

Updated: Oct 25

The term "self care" is a huge buzz word right now. And in a world of "treat yo' self" mentality of lavish trips to the spa or indulging in some retail therapy, mighty I suggest another form of self care...


Painting, calligraphy, photography, music, you name it! Here are five reasons art deserves sacred space on your self care to-do list!

ONE | Promotes Relaxation

Studies have shown art can help significantly lower your cortisol levels, a stress-inducing hormone. Research suggests that even just 45 minutes of making art can help you reach a more blissful state (for way cheaper than a trip to the spa!)

TWO | Boosts Self Confidence

There's no better feeling than learning a new skill! Many forms of art are very beginner-friendly, and creating your own masterpiece can help boost your self confidence (especially when you don't see yourself as the "artsy" type.)

THREE | Allows Self-Expression

Sometimes communicating how we feel can be quite difficult. But when we turn to art as a way of self-expression, you may find you are able to release your emotions in a way that words weren't able to do on their own.

FOUR | Promotes Community

No matter what you say, humans are social creatures and we long for that feeling of connection with others. Art can help us feel that sense of community, whether by showing off our work to others artists or discussing certain technique and tricks.

FIVE | Helps Us Enjoy The Journey

In life, we are often so anxious to reach the next destination, like that new job, or that new house. When you finally finish your piece of art, you can look at it remembering the process. And the process is what can make that piece of art so rich and valuable. Art helps us remember that this moment we are in has a beautiful purpose in the overall journey of life.

I can attest to all of these because ever since learning calligraphy I have seen all of these take shape in my own life.

That's why I'm so passionate about teaching the therapeutic art of calligraphy, because it is truly an art form anyone can learn! (And this is coming for someone who never saw herself as "artsy!")

Calligraphy can be incredible easy to get started with. In fact, you can grab my free beginner's guide to modern calligraphy to help get your started!




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